Plants (for Terrariums)

Miniature Ivy


The most wonderful little miniature garden plant.  A miniature vine with puckered little oak-like leaves on long woody/wiry stems.  New leaves are often flushed with bronze.  Can be trained to grow up a trellis or arbor to amazing...

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Peperomia 'Bushy'


Nice little foliage plant for filling in shady fairy gardens, miniature landscapes, and terrariums.  Thick glossy foliage is bright green, accented by red stems.  Can be trimmed to keep "bushy".  Easy to grow in bright shade or morning...

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Pilea depressa "Tiny Tears"


 Low growing, spreading plant with thick green leaves and pinkish stems.  Pretty bright green foliage is round with an attractive scalloped edge.  Tiny leaves reach about 1/4" wide and grow tight to the stem.  With bright indirect...

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Syngonium x 'Pixie White'


Mini Arrowhead Plant.  A very petite arrowhead plant with heart-shaped pointed leaves on thick green stems.  Looks like a miniature Caladium or elephant  ear.  Forms a little clump in shady gardens and miniature tropical landscapes...

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