Patios and Rugs

Glass Pebbles

$7.95 $4.95

These glass pebbles can add class and whimsy to your miniature garden.  Great for making garden paths; filling little buckets, pots or wheelbarrows; or as the drainage layer for a glass terrarium.  Each bag contains about 1 cup of...

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Stone Patio


This "stone" patio is the easiest way to create a paved area in your little landscape. Each stone-like ceramic square has a smooth surface - ideal for keeping little garden benches and chairs sitting level. The Stone Patios are very long lasting and...

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Little Landscape Rock


Natural stones are softly rounded and smooth and come in a blend of grays and tans. An excellent groundcover and accent material for natural looking miniature gardens. Use with Little Landscape Gravel or Beach Sand for a pleasing combination of textures...

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