Garden Features

Gazing Globe


A dramatic piece of garden art for the miniature landscape.  The elegant glass orb is held on an antiqued turned base.  Brightly colored gazing balls sparkle and shine in the sun.  Makes a striking focal point and is sure to lure the...

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Stone Pillar with Lantern


This accessory adds structure and permenance to a little landscape.  As a pair, they can define a garden entrance or path; alone it adds interest as a focal point.  The pillar is about 1" square in grey concrete and 3.5" tall.  Atop...

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Bressingham Pedestal


Ornamental cast iron pedestal to display miniature figures/statues in fairy gardens and miniature gardens, or as a piece of indoor/outdoor decor. Combine with a Bressingham Owl, Rooster or Antique Urn for a dramatic focal point.  Looks great...

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