Sweet Summertime

Brick Patio (Large)


A brick patio is the perfect place to display your miniature garden patio furniture. Tiny true clay bricks are mounted on a flexible plastic mesh backing. The individual bricks are square, measuring 3/8" wide each. The backing is easily cut with...

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Classic Garden Tools


This set of basic garden tools adds detail and color to the miniature landscape. Each tool has a long wooden handle and bright red socket connecting the handle and blade/fork. Coordinates perfectly with the Windmill and the Red Watering Can. The set...

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Fan Trellis


Pretty little trellis for miniature gardens and fairy flower beds.  Simple fan and scroll design makes it a versatile structure in the landscape.  Use it behind a bench, against a building, or behind a large planter.  Easy to install and...

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Hummingbird Feeder


Just too cute.  The miniature Hummingbird Feeder has a clear tank and bright red top and bottom to attract the tiniest of hummingbirds.  The bottom portion has three flower-shaped feeding stations, with a very tiny green...

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Little Red Wagon


A shiny red metal wagon is a fun little accessory for casual garden scenes. The handle and wheels are painted black with a bright red painted box. The little wagon can carry a few Tiny Clay Pots, Miniature Seashells, or a little watering can. Each...

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Preserved Moss


Preserved (not live) moss to add texture and to fill open spaces in the garden while you wait for the plants to grow.  Gently pull apart with finger tips to create little tufts to tuck in the garden or smooth out a section to use as a groundcover...

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Red Bucket


Bright shiny red metal bucket makes an eye-catching accessory in the all too green garden. Measuring just 1" in diameter and 1.6" high (including the handle), it may be small, but it makes a big impact with the vivid color. Nicely echoes the red paint...

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Red Watering Can


Add a splash of color to the little landscape scene with this bright red watering can. The upright style watering can has a large spout and little red handle. The body of the watering can be painted with flowers or other designs. Looks great as a garden...

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Rustic Picket Fence


This cute little picket fence is a versatile garden feature. Use it around the perimeter of a miniature garden to enclose it or use a smaller section to create a garden within a garden.  Great for rustic gardens, farmyard scenes, and fairy gardens...

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Songbird Trio


Just as exciting to see in a miniature garden as they are in "real" gardens.  These little resin birds have bodies textured to resemble feathers and are carefully painted to look like the real thing.  A tiny, but...

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Tire Swing


Bring back the fun of childhood with a miniature tire swing. The black rubber (or plastic) tire has deep tread, just like the real thing. Each swing comes with a length of twine "rope" to hang it from the tree. (I sometimes place it on its side on the...

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Toy Scooter


Antique toy scooter brings a bit of fun to the garden. Each metal scooter has rustic wooden wheels and a rusty finish. Three wheels and the T-handle bars keep it standing upright. Park your scooter along a Little Landscape Gravel path or leave it...

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Victorian Patio Dining Set

$39.00 $29.00

 This 5-piece set adds incredible detail to fairy gardens and miniature gardens.  The wire mesh and scroll embellishments create a very intricate motif on the table and chairs.  A beautiful set for classy garden parties and scenes...

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$19.00 $15.00

Evoke the peaceful scenes of pastoral farms and the rural countryside with this idyllic country windmill. The all metal structure has a silver finish and the vane and wheel have bright red accents. The tall tower can be used as a trellis for...

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