Mom's Garden

Victorian Side Table


A handsome little side table to accompany a lonely bench or chair in the fairy garden.  The Victorian Side Table features a woven metal top, wrapped wire legs, and lightly turned feet.  Perfect for displaying a watering can, magazine, or a set...

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Victorian Filigree Chair


Pretty Victorian style chair with decorative filigree details.  Seat and back are covered in woven metal with wrapped wire frame.  White color stands out in terraiums and miniature garden scenes.  Make a matched set with the Victiorian...

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Rain Boots

$6.95 $3.95

These sturdy boots are perfect for imaginary romps around the garden, no matter the weather. Ideal for fun and hard working fairy gardens and miniature gardens alike.  Makes a nice accent in the vegetable and flower garden, setting on the patio,...

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Victorian Wheelbarrow


With lots of charming detail, this white Victorian Wheelbarrow makes a lovely garden accent or focal point. The front wheel has a daisy design and the sides have a pattern like little plants with unfurling flowers. Looks darling in the garden when...

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Trellis Garden Arbor


This dainty white arbor has beautiful detailing across the archway and a little daisy on top. The two trellis sides have a diamond lattice pattern. Makes a lovely entrance to a garden when placed over a path or a great accessory to frame a focal point...

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Victorian Garden Bench


This pretty garden seat is full of flourish and detail. The bright white color makes a striking contrast against the green plants in the garden. Create a charming little potted containerscape with the bench as the focal point or use it to anchor the...

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Scroll Arbor and Gate


This charming arched arbor is made of white painted metal.  The gate doors are arched and swing in either direction.  The fancy scroll detail matches that on the Patio Set with Umbrella and Victorian 5-piece Dining Set.  The horizontal...

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White Picket Fence

$3.95 $2.50

The quintessential garden fence with pointed wooden pickets painted bright white. Close spacing of the broad .25" pickets makes this an ideal backdrop in the miniature garden. The clean finish and straight lines set off plantings and patio arrangements...

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White Floral Watering Can


A sweet little watering can with a long spout, round body, and a graceful curved handle. The side is painted with a collection of colorful daisy flowers. Makes a great miniature garden accent or centerpiece on a garden table top.  Perfect for...

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Tiny Clay Pots (6 pcs)


Teeny-tiny pots are an essential accessory for miniature gardens and fairy gardens alike.  Perfectly proportioned, they add a realistic detail to miniature gardening scenes.  Each tiny terracotta-colored pot is made of resin and measures...

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