Dad's Garden



You may not have the time or the space for one in real life, but you can always dream. And a hammock for your little landscape can be a little step towards that dream. The base is metal, comes in three pieces (in order to ship flat), and is finished in...

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Miniature Deck


A truly maintenance free deck for miniature gardens, fairy gardens, beachside scenes and dockside parties.  Topside features parallel "boards" about 0.25" wide and underside is solid.  Large size and heavy weight allows it to stay put in the...

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Old-Fashioned Lawn Mower


Remember the good old days and have an environmentally green garden accessory with this old-fashioned lawn mower. The push reel mower has black metal blades and wheels that turn. The back roller and handle are made of natural wood/straw. Looks great...

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