Valentine's Day

Potted Primrose


Each little primrose has 4 open flowers, 2 flower buds, and 6 large leaves.  Flowers are "planted" in true terracotta pots and includes a matching saucer.  Measures about 7/8"high and 3/4" in diameter.   Not recommended for long term...

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Wine Collection


Collection of colorful wine bottles, each with its own unique label.  Bottles are textured solid plastic in several shapes.  Set of six comes with a metal basket.  Each bottle measures about 1.25" tall and the basket measures about 1...

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Wine for Two


Vino grande.  Two large wine glasses are filled with deep red wine.  Set is large in comparison to the Wine Collection and the Wine Set, but very nice for gardens viewed from a distance where tiny details can be lost.  Each glass measures...

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