Valentine's Day

"Grapevine" Hearts


Rustic hearts are crafted from tiny sticks and wrapped with wire and vine to keep the shape. The overall look resembles grapevine. Makes a great decoration for the garden. The hearts can be hung on a building, fence, or arbor. Hearts also look good...

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Checkered Picnic Fabric


Crisp red and white mini checkered gingham is ideal for outdoor dining and picnic scenes.  Use it on a table as a tablecloth or placemat, on the ground as a picnic blanket, or as a napkin in a wicker basket. Picnic blanket shown here is 4" x...

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French Baguettes


Complete your miniature garden table top or picnic scene with a few loaves of classic French bread.  Each loaf is made of long-lasing resin with a crusty texture and painted golden brown for a fresh from the oven look.  Each baguette measures...

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Garden Cherub


A quiet little angel sits with folded wings and hands at his sides.  This peaceful little statue sits nicely on the edge of a garden bench, tree stump, or flat rock.  Made of resin with beautiful details and rich in texture.  Shown here...

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Red "Grapevine" Hearts


Rustic hearts are crafted from tiny sticks and wrapped with wire and vine to keep the shape. The overall look resembles grapevine. Painted red to add a pop of color in the garden.  Great for Valentine's Day decorating.  The hearts can be hung...

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Sweetheart Mug


Sweet little mug is bright red with big white heart on the front.  Tiny ceramic mug makes an adorable table-top accent in a miniature (fairy) garden or terraium.  Perfect for Valentine's Day decorating.  Shown with the Cup of Coffee for...

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Tiny Cupids


Three little Cupid figures to give your garden a shot of love.  With blond hair, white wings and bow in hand, he's sure to steal your heart.  Full of texture and detail.  Pose them in a tree, on a bench, or peeking around a flower pot...

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Tiny Love Collection


Tiny figures for terrariums and tiny scenes.  Looks like love through the years.  A young couple embraces, a business man meets his sweetheart for a quick kiss, and an older couple enjoys a rest together on a park bench.  Create your own...

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Tiny Wicker Baskets


These little round baskets are woven of natural straw in light and dark shades of honey and brown. A charming and detailed accessory, the rounded handles make it easy to casually hang one on a fence, gate, or wheelbarrow. They also look great just...

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Valentine Tree


Grow a little love in your garden or on your desktop.  The white resin box holds a wire "tree" adorned with pink glittered hearts and topped with a pair of white birds.  Add a little moss to the base of the "tree" and paint or decorated the...

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Wine Collection


Collection of colorful wine bottles, each with its own unique label.  Bottles are textured solid plastic in several shapes.  Set of six comes with a metal basket.  Each bottle measures about 1.25" tall and the basket measures about 1...

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