Wagon Wheel


Old-fashioned wooden Wagon Wheel makes a distinctive fairy garden focal point. Features one-piece wheel and spokes, weathered brown-gray flat finish and black details at the hub.  Lean it against a rock or barn and let a vine or other plants grow...

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McIntosh Apples


A dozen delicious-looking apples for the miniature/fairy garden.  Each apple features the iconic yellow and red McIntosh coloring and a long green stem.  Fresh produce makes a lovely display in a wheelbarrow or basket, on a bench or part of a...

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Black Boots


Black boots, just the pair a leprechaun, pilgrim, or Santa might wear.  Ideal for holiday decorating and hard working fairy gardens/miniature gardens.  Makes a nice accent in the vegetable and flower garden, setting next to a bench on a patio,...

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Garden Vegetables


Delicious-looking vegetables make a great accessory for miniature gardens. This colorful set includes a head of cauliflower and broccoli, two red tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, and a pretty purple eggplant.  Fresh produce makes a lovely display...

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$4.95 $2.00

The perfect thing to change the season of your miniature gardens. Sprinkle a few little "pumpkin" pods in a bed of baby tears or creeping thyme to create a miniature pumpkin patch. Use them to decorate around the garden, on benches, next to hay bales,...

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Happy Harvest Garden Sign

$4.95 $3.00

Handsome "Happy Harvest" garden sign hangs from a rounded shepherd's hook.  Metal sign and hook are painted with the colors of the season: orange, yellow, brown and black.  Place at the edge of the patio, by a fence or use a focal point with...

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Driftwood Bench


The perfect little bench for authentic fairy gardens and miniature woodland landscapes.  Benches are made of smooth weathered wood.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind.  Small size fits into any size garden.  An ideal piece for adding...

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Lattice Tray

$5.95 $3.95

A little garden or serving tray with a lattice weave and short handles.  Makes a charming display with miniature magazines, hand tools, flowers, or cake and refreshments.  Set one on a coffee table or by a garden path.  A pretty piece...

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Tom Turkey


It's not Thanksgiving without a turkey.  Brightly colored Tom turkey is handpainted with beauitful realistic detail.  He is big and bold, just like the real thing.  Tuck into the back of a garden scene or let him perch on a wood stump or...

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Old Boots


Toss a pair of old work boots by the garden bench when a long day of miniature garden work is done. Made of resin, these old boots are painted with amazing detail. The boots are tan and terracotta with silver-gray soles. Look closely to see the rugged...

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Straw Bale


Real straw is cut and bundled into a long rectangular bale. Each bale is held together by two metal wire bands. Please note:  bands are now silver.  Great for creating a country garden scene or a farm yard landscape. Looks good with the...

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Miniature Gourds


Tiny little gourds are rich in detail.  Set includes bottle, round and long-neck varieties in varying shades of orange, gold, and yellow.  Some are striped and many have the characterstic lumps and bumps of the real...

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