St. Patrick's Day

Black Boots


Black boots, just the pair a leprechaun, pilgrim, or Santa might wear.  Ideal for holiday decorating and hard working fairy gardens/miniature gardens.  Makes a nice accent in the vegetable and flower garden, setting next to a bench on a patio,...

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Glass Stepping Stones


These bright stepping stones add a splash of color and fun to your garden scene.  Stones come in various rounded shapes, but are of uniform thickness (about 0.25").  Easy to lay as pavers and steppers.  Very attractive with...

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Lucky Leprechaun Hat

$2.50 $1.00

A shimmering bright green top hat, forgotten in the garden by a busy little leprechaun.  Find one left behind on a bench or fallen in a flower bed.  Measures about 3/4"high and 1 1/8"wide.  Great for St. Patrick's Day...

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Driftwood Bench


The perfect little bench for authentic fairy gardens and miniature woodland landscapes.  Benches are made of smooth weathered wood.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind.  Small size fits into any size garden.  An ideal piece for adding...

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Shamrock Garden Flag


It's the little details that make all the difference in the miniature garden scene.  Pick up a bit of Irish luck with a green clover and a touch gardener's luck with a little red lady bug.  Great for St. Patrick's Day decorating and...

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Mug (or Pint) of Beer

$3.95 $2.00

Big mug of beer with froth on top. Great little accessory to decorate for St. Patrick's Day, if only the beer were green...  Mugs measure about 5/8" high and 3/8" wide; the pitcher measures about 3/4" high and 3/8" wide.

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Glass Pebbles

$7.95 $4.95

These glass pebbles can add class and whimsy to your miniature garden.  Great for making garden paths; filling little buckets, pots or wheelbarrows; or as the drainage layer for a glass terrarium.  Each bag contains about 1 cup of...

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Little White Bench


Little wooden bench has a white painted finish. Makes a nice accent table to hold a Potted Cactus, little watering can, or a can of beer/cola. Each little bench measures about 1.25" long, .75" wide, and about 1" high.  Works well with the...

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Lucky Clover Cup


Top o' the morn with a little Irish cup.  The little Lucky Clover Cup is white with a hand-painted green shamrock on the front.  Tiny ceramic mug makes an adorable table-top accent in a miniature (fairy) garden or terrarium.  Perfect for...

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Pot O' Clover


Six little four-leaf clovers fill a big black pot with handle.  Cute in the spring garden with green glass pebbles or stepping stones.  Great to decorate for St. Patrick's Day and to accent magical miniature gardens. ...

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