Fourth of July

"Grapevine" Stars


Rustic stars are crafted from tiny sticks and wrapped with wire and vine to keep the shape. The overall look resembles grapevine. Makes a great decoration for the garden. The stars can be hung on a building, fence, or arbor. Stars also look good tossed...

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American Flag


Primitive American flag to show your colors.  Flag and pole are painted (on both sides) with a flat finish.  Hangs on a wire "rope" giving added detail and dimension.  Flag measures about 2.5" x 1.5" on a pole about 13.5" tall. 

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American Flag Pennant Banner


A banner of patriotic pennants to decorate the miniature garden for the 4th of July.  Metal penannts are painted in alternating blue with white stars and red and white stripes.  Hang a set from a flag, decorate a garden fence, or drape along...

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Checkered Picnic Fabric


Crisp red and white mini checkered gingham is ideal for outdoor dining and picnic scenes.  Use it on a table as a tablecloth or placemat, on the ground as a picnic blanket, or as a napkin in a wicker basket. Picnic blanket shown here is 4" x...

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Tiny Bald Eagles


The magestic bald eagle.  Just imagine having one perch on a tree branch or land on a rock in the garden.  Features the iconic white head and tail feathers, black body, and golden beak.  Great texture and detail.  At home in...

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