Miniature Ivy


The most wonderful little miniature garden plant.  A miniature vine with puckered little oak-like leaves on long woody/wiry stems.  New leaves are often flushed with bronze.  Can be trained to grow up a trellis or arbor to amazing...

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Bellium minutum


Nothing brings a smile like a daisy.  Miniature daisy flowers have thin pure white petals surrounding the sunny yellow centers on long slender stems.  Round flower buds are unexpectedly reddish in color - adding to...

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Dwarf Fiber Optic Grass'


Cool little grass for outstanding texture and form.  Straight green slender leaf blades end in little round tan flower heads.  Easy to divide.  Not recommended for indoor gardens.  Grows in sun or shade.  Like to be kept moist,...

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Pilea glauca 'Aquamarine'.


 Silvery blue-green foliage, reddish stems. Grow outdoors in Part Sun to Bright Shade Grow indoors with Bright Light 1-3”tall  x 4-8”wide  Easy to grow. Annual outside Good for miniature gardens, fairy gardens, and terrariums...

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