Veronica x Snowmass

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A vigorous groundcover with tiny green leaves and masses of white flowers in spring. Round leaves are lightly scalloped, giving it a dainty appearance. Spreading stems root along the ground as they grow, staying low and lush. Little white 4-petal...

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Peperomia ferreyrae


Also known as Pincushion Peperomia or Happy (Green) Bean Peperomia.  A fun little succulent with long thick green leaves that from the right angle, some say look like green beans.  Has an upright bushy habit. Easy to grow as a houseplant or...

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Victorian Side Table


A handsome little side table to accompany a lonely bench or chair in the fairy garden.  The Victorian Side Table features a woven metal top, wrapped wire legs, and lightly turned feet.  Perfect for displaying a watering can, magazine, or a set...

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Victorian Filigree Chair


Pretty Victorian style chair with decorative filigree details.  Seat and back are covered in woven metal with wrapped wire frame.  White color stands out in terraiums and miniature garden scenes.  Make a matched set with the Victiorian...

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Red Floral Watering Can


Add a splash of color to the little landscape scene with this bright red watering can. The upright style watering can has a large spout and little red handle. The body of the watering is decorated with yellow flowers and white design on the spout...

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