Bressingham Tree Swing


A fun piece for miniature gardens and fairy gardens.  A little swing seat hangs with twine "ropes" from a stout cast iron tree branch and trunk.  Trunk and branch have a faux wood texture and a couple of decorative leaves.  A little bird...

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Wind Chimes


There is amazing detail in each little set of wind chimes. Three golden chimes dangle from different garden-themed ornaments. Select from the following list:"Flower Pot" wind chimes are always in bloom. "My Garden" sign post chimes welcome...

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$19.00 $15.00

Evoke the peaceful scenes of pastoral farms and the rural countryside with this idyllic country windmill. The all metal structure has a silver finish and the vane and wheel have bright red accents. The tall tower can be used as a trellis for...

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