Wheelbarrows and Carts

Bucket and Cart


This versatile little piece can fit into any little landscape.  Fill it with summer vegetables, pumpkins, gourds, leaves, Easter eggs, or gravel.  The silver metal bucket fits into a 2-wheeled metal cart in an antique finish.  The bucket...

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Little Farm Wagon


An old-fashioned hay wagon for hard working farms and gardens.  Wooden bed with slatted bottom is held within a metal frame.  Metal wheels do turn, but tongue is stationary.  Looks great filled with tools, rocks, or even a few...

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Traditional Wheelbarrow


This basic, yet sweet, little metal wheelbarrow makes a great garden accent. It has a wheel that turns and an open shallow tray. Looks at home in the garden surrounded by plants, resting on a path or patio, or set upside-down by a fence or compost pile...

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