"Trees" for Miniature Gardens

Pinus mugo Twisty Zn2


Twisy Mugo Pine.  A character plant for miniature gardens, container gardens and bonsai collections. Each plant is unique with its own twisty, turned stems and tufts of needles. Clumps of foliage grow only at the ends of the stems, so the unique...

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Peperomia verticillata


A buff little plant with thick, succulent foliage and stems.  Soft green leaves are lighter on the underside and edge, grow to about an inch long, and become velvety/hairy with age.  Thick fuzzy stems are peachy-pink.  Caught our eye with...

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Ficus salicifolia 1


(Willow Leaf Fig)  Cool little plant for miniature gardens and landscapes.  Has long slender green leaves and an upright habit.  Long leaves blow in the breeze, adding grace and movement to the garden - just like a miniature willow tree...

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