"Trees" for Miniature Gardens

Eugenia myrtifolia.


(Australian Brush Cherry)  Great little "tree" or bush for miniature gardens and landscapes.  Has pretty green glossy foliage that opens with a blush of bronze. Popular plant for topiary training and bonsai.   Remove lower branches to...

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Parlor Palm / Neanthe bella


Great little palm plant for miniature tropical gardens and beach scenes.  Arching green leaves look like miniature palm fronds.  Adds height to beach garden plantings and an instant tropical feel.  Young plants are small (about 4-6" above...

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Peperomia verticillata


A buff little plant with thick, succulent foliage and stems.  Soft green leaves are lighter on the underside and edge, grow to about an inch long, and become velvety/hairy with age.  Thick fuzzy stems are peachy-pink.  Caught our eye with...

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Rosmarinus officinalis 'Arp'


Common rosemary in a tree form, providing the all important height and structure necessary for realistic miniature garden scenes.  Plants are pruned into a tree shape (called "standard") to reveal the light brown woody stem or "trunk".  Dark...

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