Especially for Fairy Gardens

Magical Mushrooms


Magical mushrooms add color and whimsy to miniature gardens and fairy gardens alike.  Each little button 'shroom has a brightly painted cap, smooth white stem, and red speckles.  Cluster them in a group for the biggest impact and most...

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Glass Pebbles

$7.95 $4.95

These glass pebbles can add class and whimsy to your miniature garden.  Great for making garden paths; filling little buckets, pots or wheelbarrows; or as the drainage layer for a glass terrarium.  Each bag contains about 1 cup of...

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Jerome the Gnome


No-nonsense gnome is a fun little accessory for gardens of all sizes.  He has a pointed hat and mis-matched ears with a long beard.  His big round nose matches his midsection and shoes.  Made to stand guard at a bridge or go to work with...

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