Birdbaths, Birdhouses, Birdfeeders

Traditional Birdbath


This simple little birdbath has a shallow bowl which rests on three curled supports and stands on a long stem. The entire piece is made of rustic metal for a slightly antique look. The long stem and clean lines make it easy to use in any garden setting...

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Hummingbird Feeder


Just too cute.  The miniature Hummingbird Feeder has a clear tank and bright red top and bottom to attract the tiniest of hummingbirds.  The bottom portion has three flower-shaped feeding stations, with a very tiny green...

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Miniature Martin House


Marvel at a little martin house made just for miniature gardens. The house is white with a green roof and a white final on top. It sets atop a tall 14" long post, which helps to anchor it down deeply and securely in the soil. The birdhouse measures...

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Friendly Bird Feeder


Invite your tiniest feathered friends to visit your miniature garden. This decorative white metal bird feeder has a round roof and lattice-like sides. Mounted on a stand, it makes a great focal point in the garden or accent piece on a patio. Looks great...

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Classic Birdbath


It's what you picture in your mind when you think of a garden birdbath. The pretty shallow bowl is smooth inside and covered on the underside and along the base with a twining grape-like vine and leaves. Made of resin and finished in a stone-like gray...

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English Garden Birdbath

$12.95 $6.00

There's fabulous detail in this little work of art. The stately square birdbath has "chipped" edges and a mossy green color finish for an aged look. Inside the top of the birdbath sits a little frog with fantastic features. It's made of resin, but has...

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Songbird Trio

$5.95 $4.95

Just as exciting to see in a miniature garden as they are in "real" gardens.  These little resin birds have bodies textured to resemble feathers and are carefully painted to look like the real thing.  A tiny, but...

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Terra Cotta Birdhouse


It'll be home-tweet-home with a little hanging terra cotta birdhouse.  Has a traditional tall square shape with a round opening and sturdy metal perch.  Glue a few pieces of dried grass or string just inside the opening for a truly lived-in...

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Big Bressingham Birdbath


Beautiful cast iron birdbath is ideal for stylish miniature gardens, fairy gardens, and trough gardens.   Fluted decorative base holds a large basin with a broad rolled rim.  A perfect companion for the Big Bressingham Bistro Set and...

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Traditional Birdhouse


This cute little birdhouse is the quintessential garden ornament. Made from rustic metal, it has an organic look that is at home in any garden setting. The birdhouse is attached to a long 7" stem to anchor it in the garden. Use it in the miniature...

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