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A great finishing detail for protected/covered miniature gardens and terrariums. Toss one on a bench, in a basket, or on a table. Printed on cardboard, it won't last long when exposed to sun and rain. Simply an amazing detail that will make veiwers take...

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Toy Bicycle


A fun little piece for the miniature garden and landscape. Admire the detail in the wheels, fenders, and basket. Wheels and pedals are stationary. Just too cute leaning against a fence, propped up against a tree, or parked along a path. Measures about...

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Victorian Bicycle


The detail on this Victorian bicycle makes it a lovely addition to Mom's Garden.  Made of white painted wire with wheels and pedals that really turn.  The seat has "lace" along the edges.  The basket in front can be filled with tiny clay...

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Potting Soil (Miniature)


A wonderfully realistic detail for the miniature gardening scene.  Brightly colored label indicates potting soil inside.  Clear plastic bag allows you to see the "soil" within.  Set a bag or two by a potting bench or toss one in a...

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Toy Slide


Metal slide for miniature garden fun.  Measures about 4" high x 3" long x 1" wide.   Be sure to carve out a little dip at the end of the slide where the dirt has been worn away by play.

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Golf Set

$3.50 $1.00

Fore!  The essential accessories for the golf enthusiast to complete a miniature Augusta National.  Two drivers with orange and red grips accompany a tiny white golf ball, just like you'd find at the first tee.  The clubs are about 3.25"...

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Toy Teeter-Totter


Rough hewn wooden teeter-totter for miniature garden fun.  Measures about 1.5" high on the up end x 4" long x just under 1" wide at the center.   Be sure to carve out a little dip at the end of the slide where the dirt has been worn away by...

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Toy Scooter


Antique toy scooter brings a bit of fun to the garden. Each metal scooter has rustic wooden wheels and a rusty finish. Three wheels and the T-handle bars keep it standing upright. Park your scooter along a Little Landscape Gravel path or leave it...

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Red Bucket


Bright shiny red metal bucket makes an eye-catching accessory in the all too green garden. Measuring just 1" in diameter and 1.6" high (including the handle), it may be small, but it makes a big impact with the vivid color. Nicely echoes the red paint...

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Little Red Wagon


A shiny red metal wagon is a fun little accessory for casual garden scenes. The handle and wheels are painted black with a bright red painted box. The little wagon can carry a few Tiny Clay Pots, Miniature Seashells, or a little watering can. Each...

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Golf Club and Ball

$2.95 $1.00

Now this is really miniature golf.  Create a mini putt-putt or country club scene.  A metal silver iron and little white golf ball.  The ball is just under 3/8" diameter and the iron is a little over 2.5" in length.

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Nature Net

$4.50 $2.00

A fun little accessory for fairy gardens and miniature garden scenes.  Use in a flower garden as a butterfly net or in a natural scene as a part of a fisherman's gear.  Bright blue net brings a pop of color to the garden.  Round fabric...

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Tire Swing

$10.95 $7.00

Bring back the fun of childhood with a miniature tire swing. The black rubber (or plastic) tire has deep tread, just like the real thing. Each swing comes with a length of twine "rope" to hang it from the tree. (I sometimes place it on its side on the...

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