Arbors and Trellises

Fan Trellis


Pretty little trellis for miniature gardens and fairy flower beds.  Simple fan and scroll design makes it a versatile structure in the landscape.  Use it behind a bench, against a building, or behind a large planter.  Easy to install and...

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Garden Arbor and Gate


The Garden Arbor and Gate has it all. It features horizontal bars across the upper portion and a cute little pot sitting on top. The sides and moveable gates are covered in a fine metal lattice with intricate leafy vine details. The rustic antique...

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Honeysuckle Arbor


A beautiful structure for casual gardens, naturalistic landscapes, woodland settings, and fairy gardens.   Four gracefully arching posts are wrapped with twining wire vines and thin rustling metal leaves.  Place a...

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Large Rustic Arbor


The Large Rustic Arbor is a practical and versatile garden structure. With simple styling and a natural metal finish, it blends with the garden and works with any style furniture. The large size is easy to work with and makes a big impact in the garden...

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Scroll Arbor and Gate


This charming arched arbor is made of white painted metal.  The gate doors are arched and swing in either direction.  The fancy scroll detail matches that on the Patio Set with Umbrella and Victorian 5-piece Dining Set.  The horizontal...

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Trellis Garden Arbor


This dainty white arbor has beautiful detailing across the archway and a little daisy on top. The two trellis sides have a diamond lattice pattern. Makes a lovely entrance to a garden when placed over a path or a great accessory to frame a focal point...

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Tremont Trellis


Large trellis panel creates an intimate feeling for a romantic garden setting.  Classic lines make it versatile backdrop for any style garden.  Simple to install and use.  Available in White (matte finish) or Natural (with a light glass...

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White Wood Trellis


This adorable little trellis is perfect for a terrarium or a miniature garden.  Made of white painted wood, it has a detailed lattice pattern that makes it a very realistic accessory.  At the center it is 4" high.  Width is about 4.75"...

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White Wood Trellis II


Handsome wooden lattice trellis with wonderful detail.  The body of the trellis is square with windows in the lattice, topped with a tall decorative design of curved pieces, round finials, and diamond focal point.   Makes a nice backdrop...

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