Happy St Patrick's Day!

Posted by Kathryn Newman on Mar 23rd 2018

After a long winter of grays and browns, it feels good to see some green again! St. Patrick's Day gardens are a favorite of mine. I'm not Irish, but I really do love the color green. Using a single color (aka a monochromatic color scheme) lets you focus its shades and tints, and textures and patterns without the distraction of mixing different hues. How do you make an all green garden interesting? Use plants with different habits: upright growers, trailing plants, rounded forms. Pick plants with foliage in different shapes and sizes: round leaves, long narrow leaves, heart-shaped leaves, big and little leaves. Combine different patterns and textures: leaves with contrasting veins and leaves with mottled color, shiny smooth glass pebbles and soft fuzzy moss. All of these differences, or contrasts, work together to create an interesting and dynamic garden that's fun to look at and holds your attention.