Happy Easter Everybunny!

Posted by Kathryn Newman on Apr 20th 2019

Such fun to decorate for the holidays.  Strong colors can be difficult to work with.  They often dominate a scene an make other colors bland in comparison.  I like to balance a bold color with white pieces.  Pure white can be just as strong as the hottest pink or deepest blue.  Gardeners are lucky in that the deep greens and bright chartreuse colors of foliage plants will naturally tame and blend louder colors nearby.  Repeating the subject bold color and adding other hues of the same intensity help to bring the garden together.  Here, the tips of the bunny ears, the rain boots, and the Easter eggs all repeat the same bright pink color. The bright yellow foliage of the Selaginella and the rich turquoise colored flag match the intensity of the basket color.  The white arbor and wheelbarrow don't fight, but rather work with hot pink basket and the green garden plants make it all come alive.  Happy Easter! Enjoy all the colors!