Golf Garden How-To

Posted by Kathryn Newman on Apr 4th 2018

Here in Illinois, we're still waiting for the grass to turn green.  I'm sure the golfers are as anxious to get out on the course as the gardeners are to get out in their flower beds.  A little golf garden is just the thing to remind us that our season is coming.  Start with a small container (this one is about 4" x 10") and fill it to the top with soil-less potting mix.  Three plants are all that is needed for a balanced arrangement.  A small tree adds height to the garden and anchors the bench.  Opposite the tree is a good spot for a bushy, shrub-like plant.  The shrub, in combination with a low growing plant in front, work together to balance the visual weight of the tree.  The three plants in this garden are Variegated Weeping FigDwarf Mondo Grass, and Creeping Fig.  After planting, water the entire garden to settle the soil.  Then add the "green" (preserved moss in this garden) and finish with mulch and/or small rocks. While you don't often find a bench on the golf green, it does make a nice focal point and a good place to rest a club.  For the flag and cup, I used a miniature Shepherd's hook and a little plastic cap.  I cut the curved top off the hook with tin snips, poked it up through the cap (so the bottom of the cap/cup is resting on the foot of the Shepherd's hook), and painted it all white with a paint marker.  Then I cut a small rectangle of red plastic, hot glued it to the pole, and installed it in the green.  The little cardinal on the bench adds a bit more color.  A fun little project for gardeners and golfers alike!