Easter Basket Garden

Posted by Kathryn Newman on Apr 5th 2019

Colorful and inexpensive Easter baskets make great containers for miniature gardens.  Plastic baskets work well, as do wicker baskets.  Be careful when watering, as some dyes used for coloring the wicker can run when wet.  To make the garden, simply line the basket with a piece of plastic (I use a single layer from a black garbage bag) and fill with potting soil.  Next lay out your plants and pieces to find an arrangement you like.  Then plant the plants and water gently.  Add gravel or paving materials, place the furniture, and decorate with accessories.  Baskets offer a unique opportunity in that the handle can act as a trellis for climbing plants and vines.  When moving your garden, always carry it from the bottom.  I never trust the handle of a planted basket to be able to support the weight of the wet soil, plants, and pieces.  

Bright and colorful - just what we need in early spring, while waiting for our gardens to start blooming outside!